LUMUMBA Presented by Black Lounge Film Series


LUMUMBA Presented by Black Lounge Film Series

Our next screening will be Raoul Peck's classic film LUMUMBA

Based on the true story of the leader of the Congo, Patrice Lumumba, join Black Lounge Film Series on Friday, November 16th at 7pm for an evening of discussion on African Liberation & Lumumba's contribution to the African Diaspora.

About Lumumba
Lumumba is a gripping political thriller which tells the story of the legendary African leader Patrice Emery Lumumba. Called "the politico of the bush" by journalists of his day, the brilliant and charismatic Lumumba rose rapidly to the office of Prime Minister when Belgium conceded the Congo's independence in June 1960. He would last two months in office. This is a true story.